Numerology, like astrology, has individual differing systems which have evolved ended the years. These systems have the same unsophisticated principles, but too have central differences in how they set your language. Here is a condensation of the four main systems and how they differ.

Western Numerology

Western study is the classic add up to of subject derived from the donkey work of the Greek academic Pythagoras in the 6th time period B.C. It uses your Gregorian showtime date, and places the book in a (3 x 3) piazza near positions numbered from inferior to top, and moved out to precisely as shown to a lower place.

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( 3 )( 6 )( 9 )

( 2 )( 5 )( 8 )

( 1 )( 4 )( 7 )

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Completed lines and wanting lines in your grid insinuate specific guise strengths and weaknesses.

Chinese Numerology

Chinese Numerology also has ancient roots. It too places the numbers of your mean solar day of birth in a (3 x 3) grid, but alternatively of exploitation Pythagoras power grid above, they use the Lo Shu grid, based on the open space of Wu of Hsia. This power grid is numbered in a (3 x 3) tricks court as shown down below.

( 4 )( 9 )( 2 )

( 3 )( 5 )( 7 )

( 8 )( 1 )( 6 )

We ring up this facility pattern the open space of Saturn. In addition, Chinese study converts your day of the month of outset to the Chinese lunar calendar back charting the numbers.

The Lunar calendar begins the twelvemonth on the second new satellite after the Winter cosmic time (the direct day of the year.) Note that the lunar period of time exist of 12 months in a first-string year, and 13 months in a leaping yr. Also, Chinese Numerology does not sanction a being path figure. This is a Western freshness.

Nine Star Ki

The Nine Star Ki system, more normally named the Ki, also uses the Lo Shu framework shown above, but it next rotates the book all year, creating a set of cardinal dissimilar squares nearly new in a nine time period cycle. This group likewise uses the Chinese lunar yr to add your first day of the month.

The complex has (3) through book which raise your reading: Your Natal (lunar) yr number, your Natal month, number, and your House digit.

Yantra Magic Square Numerology

This study complex is in actual fact supported on Indian Numerology Yantras. This scheme uses a constructed witching angulate where on earth the top row (left to matched) lie in of your outset month, your beginning day, your birth period of time (excluding period of time), and your Life Path amount. The lasting rows are deliberate by way to out-and-out a (4 x 4) artifice angular near these numbers, specified that all rows, columns and diagonals have the one and the same sum.

The deliberate squares each embody a expert qualities feature and are interpreted for the language. The Yantra Square shown downwards is for performer Johnny Depp, who was born on June 9th, 1963. Note that all rows and columns add up to the sum of (85).

( 6 )( 9 )( 63 )( 7 )

( 61 )( 9 )( 4 )( 11 )

( 8 )(64 )( 8 )( 5 )

( 10 )( 3 )( 10 )( 62 )

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